New pics of the boys

Last night Joshua slept for 7 hours again!!! Unfortunately I didn’t go to bed until 2 hours after he did, but still, it gives me hope for the future 😉 Here are some pics I took of the boys yesterday, they actually cooperated! You can view the full photshoot at http://carianthonyosborne.shutterfly.com/action/


8 thoughts on “New pics of the boys”

  1. You are just too amazing. I love the pictures! I would love it if my two girls would let me take pictures of them that were this cute.

  2. What cute boys! I love Joshua’s rolls! Very cute!You have to remember who Lyle is…a Trone. Of course he knows the Miles family…all of them. I really only know Margaret who is the second to youngest. I think her brother went to school with Marleis though.

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