January- Our Little Toddler

January 2nd we FINALLY got snow! Of course it was just a tiny bit and only stayed on the ground for a few hours, but it was cold & white nonetheless. We bundled Ethan up in his snowsuit that he’s never gotten to wear, and took him out to play. All he wanted to do was eat the snow. I wish we had a sled to slide down the hill we have for a backyard. I’ve posted some pics here: carianthonyosborne.shutterfly.com/action/?a=8CZsmjRy3cMZI

Ethan is becoming quite the boy. He’s no longer a baby. He has a new independent streak and wants to do everything on his own. He grabs the spoon away when I try to feed him and wants to do it himself, and he no longer wants me to put food in his mouth, it has to go in his hand so he can do it. He doesn’t want to be carried unless he’s tired, he wants to walk by himself and touch everything he sees. He’s learned to throw himself down and kick if he doesn’t like something. He is still obsessed with computers so we bought him a baby laptop, but it still doesn’t seem to distract him from wanting to press the buttons on mine. He has been doing the cutest thing lately, when he gets sleepy he’ll climb on our laps and put his eye over ours and give us butterfly kisses.

His favorite thing is dirt. No matter where we are he’ll find dirt and start digging in it. I take him to the park and he’ll climb up the slide and go down once or twice then spend the rest of the time digging in the dirt. I take him to the mall and he’ll play on the toys for a few minutes then he’ll notice a plant and start digging in it, doesn’t matter if it’s real dirt or not. His favorite toy is books. He loves to flip pages and also enjoys eating the spine off the board books.

His favorite book is Where the Wild Things Are, all I have to do is pull the book out and he goes crazy. I have it memorized too so even if I don’t have the book and I say “the night max wore his wolf suit…” he starts jumping around and making ape noises. It’s so cute.

He’s really become a daddy’s boy the last few months. He is so happy when Anthony comes home and freaks out if he leaves to go somewhere. He’s been going with Anthony to scouts and his church meetings because he can’t bear to be left behind. He is such a fun little boy and manages to keep us entertained. It will be interesting to see how he handles a new baby.


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