O’ Christmas Tree

So I’ve been really bad about updating this lately, but I have a good excuse. I’m finally launching the birth announcements business I started back in March! Check it out,

And we just got back from Virginia. The second week of Dec. we went to Charlottesville, VA for Anthony’s tax course. We stayed at the same Marriott we lived in for 4 months during his JAG training. It was weird to think just a year ago we were living there. We went to Montpelier again, it’s so beautiful. We also made a trip to DC and saw the usual- National Cathedral, the Mall, Capitol, etc. and also went to the DC Temple to see the lights and watch a concert. It was fun to be back. The weather was awesome, in the 70’s almost the entire time. I love Virginia and wouldn’t mind living there again some day. You can view more pics of our trip at

The day after Thanksgiving we went and cut down a Christmas tree from a farm a few miles away. It was so fun spending hours wandering through the woods looking for the perfect tree. I actually found the tree I wanted within about 30 seconds, but had to scour the rest of the woods just to make sure. Ethan had so much fun running around touching every tree and rolling down the hills.

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